Title I

Title students are selected through testing done at the beginning of the school year. The entire grade level is assessed and ranked according to compiled data.   The tests are administered by the classroom teachers and the Title I staff.  Additional input from teachers is occasionally used if data is close in results between two students.  Kindergarten’s initial assessment using DIBELS LNF and ISF is used for placement.  Grade one uses DIBELS NWF and TRC data.   Grade two uses DIBELS DORF and TRC data.  Grade three data is comprised of DIBELS TRC from the prior year and STAR Reading levels from the current year.  Grades four and five students are ranked according to fall STAR Reading levels and ISTEP language arts scores from the prior year.  

Meet the Staff:

Kim Sebo

Jeremy Wells
Charrel Raver
JoEllyn Stanton
Stacey Wagner
Melissa Kuntz
Anita Watkins