Meeting Minutes 9/28/15
*Committee Reports
     - Treasurer's Report- current balance $49,753.81 ($5,500 unpaid expenses for Walk-A-Thon
       prizes, shirts and sweatshirts
     - Minimum balance- $12,900- to use for spirit shirts in the fall and Walk-A-Thon planning
     - 2015 Walk-A-Thon- 65% of 951 students participated; 69% of student body, last year 584
       participated; Pizza party after fall break for top 3 classes that raised the most money
     - Recommendations- it was brought up to change to spring but then decided against due to
       more spring sports, weather issues, spring break and ISTEP/IREAD testing; request for no
       candy next year due to allergies, diabetes and danger of running with suckers; prize
       changes- idea of hole punch card like at carnivals so every student gets a prize, coupon or
       passes instead of prizes; more games like limbo or hopping on track to help with the long
       lines at current games; change to students spending more time on the track; have students
       pick out prizes before coming to track; using Jr Optimist to help with Walk-A-Thon activities
       next year; Uniform letter for each teacher to have at open house for volunteer sign ups
     - Orange T-shirts/Sweatshirts available to purchase for staff only
     -Box Tops- Changed to $5 buck page, Due by 10/30/15, needs mailed by 11/3/15, asked
       that all teachers put reminder in newsletter week of 10/19/15; questions asked about if
       students can't fill up the whole $5 buck sheet, decided that they can still turn it in and get
       a prize- All prizes (erasers and tootsie rolls) passed out to teachers, these are limited
*New Business
     -2015/2016 Teacher/Administration Wish Lists- these need returned to Pirate Boosters by
     - Book-It- use instead of Team Read, goes from October- March, will get Pizza Hut personal
       pan pizza for turning in team read papers
*Additional items
     - Budget to be in place by November
     - using Custom sports wear- sold in 2011, was discussed that Boosters should continue to
       support local businesses instead
     - Getting parents involved- have application at open house, send home letter saying exactly
       what Boosters are, put out another sign up at parent/teacher conferences