Meeting Minutes 11/9/15
*Committee Reports
     -Box Tops- We collected approximately $1730 at the first deadline. This will be split evenly
       among grade levels, a check will be written to each grade level rep, will be in the spring
       after second collection of box tops
     -2015 Walk-A-Thon- Prizes have been distributed and pizza parties have been held. It was
       brought up that the prizes of extra recess passes and no homework passes felt like
       punishment to the students that didn't collect money; suggested to change extra recess pass
       to all students that brought in a donation of any amount
       Estimated profit- $26,139
     -Treasurer's Report- current budget $44,804.45
     -2015/2016 Budget- Boosters had several requests for funding this year. Boosters focus is to
       fund projects/items that directly benefit students of GES as well as support the teachers by
       providing education materials and experiences to enhance the school day for all GES
       Convocations are being set up and our goal is one fun experience for students each 9 weeks
        - new convocation fund set in budget so Boosters can schedule convocations early in the 
         year without waiting for Walk-A-Thon funds
       Grade level teachers will be provided with $5 per student. Classroom teacher checks will be
       distributed once all receipts have been submitted. This includes K-5 and the few specials
       teachers that requested. It is our goal that the monies be used to benefit all GES students.
       We are also working with administrations, they have a supply account that can be used to
       pay for things like flash cards, dice, staples, dry erase markers and such instead of using
       Booster money for this. Administration also has an account for recess enhancements.
       Deadline for receipts is 4/30/16
*New Business
     -American Education week- social committee has a set amount of funding to spend for the
       year. We would like to work together to help pitch in or have volunteers come in if possible
       to show our appreciation for the teachers
     -Santa Visit- need date and time to be established by administration; will use volunteers to
       assist Santa
     -Ideas to get families involved- movie night with giving tree idea- would have teacher needs
       for things for classroom if parents able to help support, idea of donuts with dads and
       muffins with mom, change family fun night layout to a fun night to get the whole family
       involved, end of school reading night, Christmas caroling, outdoor movie night in the spring,
       Convocation ideas- Indianapolis opera, dancing drums, poetry alive
     -Social Committee- group of parents that will work with GES's social committee