Social and Emotional Plan

Social and Emotional Plan


The Greensburg Community School Corporation will implement this plan to nurture the social and emotional needs of K-12 high ability students. Portions of this plan are taken from The National Association for Gifted Children Gifted Education Programming Criterion.


Counseling services will be provided as needed by a full-time counselor to meet the socio-emotional needs of diverse high ability students in the areas of underachievement, career guidance, personal and social awareness, leadership, study skills, and resiliency.


Underachieving high ability students must be served rather than omitted from differentiated services.

  • The plan will provide underachieving students with differentiated guidance and counseling services to help them reach their potential for achievement.
  • The plan will survey underachieving students and their parents to discern students’ social and emotional needs and provide matching interventions.


High Ability students will be provided with affective curriculum in addition to differentiated guidance and counseling services.

  • Teachers will use a well-defined and implements affective curriculum containing personal/social awareness and adjustment, academic planning, and vocational and career awareness.
  • High Ability students will be provided with college and career guidance that is appropriately different and delivered earlier than typical programs.
  • High ability students will be given the opportunity to spend at least part of their school day with like intellectual peers through flexible grouping in classrooms, and across grade levels.


High Ability student’s services will include input and require support from parents, teachers, and community members.

  • Parents will be provided with information about the nature of the social and emotional needs of their children if necessary. Parent input provides support to counselors and staff in the school.
  • Parents, teachers, and community members will be provided with information about acceleration and enrichment opportunities offered by the Greensburg Community School Corporation.