Identification of High Ability Students

Assessments used to identify students for ability programming must be multifaceted to ensure that students not identified by traditional assessments because of economic disadvantage, cultural background, underachievement, or disabilities may be included.

Per: Indiana Code (IC 20-36-2-2)

The following types of assessments are used to identify students for programs for high ability students at Greensburg Community School Corporation:

High Ability Entrance Criteria

Per:  Indiana Code (IC 20-36-1-3)

96% and above on NWEA Test

Measures of Achievement (also referred to as measures of performance)


85% and above on CogAT Test

Measures of Ability (also referred to as measures of aptitude or potential)


80% and above on CogAT


80% and above on NWEA Tests


 teacher recommendation