High Ability Appeals Procedure

Greensburg Community Schools

High Ability/Advanced Placement

Appeal Procedure


Greensburg Community Schools utilizes a multi-faceted identification process; however, in the event that a student is not identified for high ability or advanced placement, a parent can petition for an appeal. The following steps can be taken in such a situation:


Step 1: Parents must submit a written request to the Director of Curriculum indicating the reason for the appeal. The request should include specific area of concern and include student data to support placement and/or identification in high ability and/or advanced placement courses.


Step 2: School and district personnel will review data and determine if additional/alternate assessments may be given to aid in the final placement decision.


Step 3: After additional data is gathered, the administration and Director of Curriculum will consult with classroom teacher and HA teacher to make a final recommendation.


Ultimately, the administration will make the final determination regarding high ability and/or advanced placement for students based on research-based methods for identification of students. 




Greensburg Community Schools

Request for Appeal

High Ability Placement



Appeal is requested by:



Relationship to student_______________________________


Appeal is requested on behalf of:







Classroom teacher__________________________________



Appeal is requested for placement decision in:


Content area_____________________________

Grade level______________________________


Data and reasons presented for placement reconsideration:


Please attach samples of student work, tests, and/or other documentation you would like for us to consider.

Please return to:      Greensburg Community Schools

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Greensburg, IN 47240